Thursday, March 3, 2016

Food Lust (A Crimson Confession Novella) by JD Lexx Review

Here I sit 2 days after finishing this book.  I have still yet to decide whether the precise language or sensual scenes are what makes this the perfect book.  JD Lexx has a way with words that most can never accomplish.

In the erotica genre there is a rigid dichotomy between clinical graphic sex and the exploration of intimacy and sensuality.   JD Lexx set the bar high for those attempting to write the latter.

Food Lust takes you into the world of Jessica, a woman with a strong will and the fight to go after what she wants.  There is such a strong chemistry between her and Chef Marco and if you pay close enough attention their innuendos will leave your breath hitched.  This short read will have you hot and wanting by the time you come across the most epic epilogue I have ever read.  Wow.

This is an absolute one-click and 5 star read. 

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